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Individual proprietorship
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101 - 200 People
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Domestic & Worldwide


Company Capability

                                                                               Company office

 Location: Located in front of Tan Binh Industrial Park, convenient to transport links to other neighboring districts like District 12, Binh Tan, Tan Binh, District 10, District 3, District 1, ...

                                                       Textile - Dyeing Factory


                             History & Developmen

  • We specialized in knit fabric since 2009
  • 2009: supply for domestic and export market about 2.000.000 Met/ Year
  • 2012: supply for domestic and export market about 6.000.000 Met/ Year
  • By 2015 supply for market about 9.000.000  Met/ Year
  • Each year, supply for  domestic and export market the output is increasing
Main our products are included:
+ Interlock 50D polyester, 70D polyester, 100D polyeste, etc. (used as lining, coordinating or main fabric for Evening gown, dress, sportswear, etc.)
+ Single Jersey (100% cotton, TC65/35, Visco, CVC, PE, etc)
+ Tricot (50D polyester, 70D polyester, etc)

+ Mesh (50D polyester, 70D polyester) made from many different materials.
+ Kate (100% cotton, TC65/35, TC83/17, PE)

+Fabric used for industrial protective clothing. 

+ Fabric used for hand bag, shoe.

Moreover, we are also analyzing and developing fabrics according to customer requirements such as: Single Jersey, Picque, Minizuri, from many different materials like (visco, cotton, crayon, TC, CVC, spandex…)

                     General information ( Knitting Workshop)

Area: 1000 m2   Number machines: 40 machines 
Type of machines: For machine 2 rigs: 40 machine (Tray machine 24 - 28 – 30 – 32 – 34 inch)
Productivity: 3000 kg/day
Main Products:
Interlock fabric. Besides we are also produce Interlock fabric like: mesh, shark, crocodile….

Type of machines: For machine 1 rigs: 40 machine 30 – 32 – 34- 36 inch ( machine 108 mill, 128 mill)

Productivity: 6.000 kg/day

Main Products: Texture single Jersey, Single contain spandex  (Elastic 4 dimensional)

In addition, Our company also  associated with another Textile workshops with more than 10 machine 1 rigs, productivity 4.000 Kg/ Day and 20 machine 2 rigs, productivity 2.000 Kg/ Day

                                        Photos for machines and equipments


               Machine 1 rigs (Single)                                               Rustic fabric finished

                                                                                  Dyeing factory

  • Area: 5.000 m2
  • Worker: 200 peoples
  • Dyeing machine: 14 machine
  • Productivity : 2.500 – 2.800 kg fabric/ Machine / 1 day

(Average dyeing 39.200 Kg/ Day)

With this productivity, our company not only meets the demand for production, supply for domestic and export market, our company also accepted processing dyeing, completing fabric.             


                                     Dyeing machine                                                      Stenter

                                                                        Finished fabric stock